Poetry & Fiction

On September 16th, 2014, won the Third Annual Head-to-Head Haiku Battle hosted by the Toronto Poetry Project.

In 2014, I re-released my second book, a collection of haiku poetry titled Urban Discord. It is available from my Lulu.com store in print and as a PDF ebook. My first self-published poetry book, Scraps, is currently out of print.

The websites that published some of my other poems have disappeared from the Internet (admittedly, it has been a long time since I submitted anything new), but a couple of my postcard fiction pieces are still online:


I have published over 200 articles covering subjects from music to business, nature to plastic surgery. Here is a small sampling of my work.

Walk and Discover was a column for which I wrote and took pictures while working at Torontoist. Here are a few of my favourite instalments.

In 2004, I published, edited and designed three issues of a magazine called Second Life. Second Life covered “the art, culture and business of second-hand goods in Toronto,” and included elements of fashion, interior decorating, technology and entertainment. Two of the three issues of Second Life won Zine of the Month awards from Broken Pencil Magazine.

More to come.