Haiku 100/100

Last haiku written!
One hundred in one hundred —
Project competed!

And that ends my 100 Haikus in 100 Days project! I started this on the 6th of June and wrote an average of one haiku a day through the summer and up to today. Some were good, some were bad, most were mediocre, but all were fun little puzzles to put together.

It’s been a while since I set myself a long-term creative writing goal and actually completed it. Feels good. Thanks to all who put up with my incessant posting. And remember,¬†Urban Discord, my 2004 book of haiku poetry, is available as a free PDF ebook and at a specially-priced print volume from¬†my Lulu.com store until September 30th.

And now I move on to that awkward phase where one project is finished, and the next hasn’t started yet…


Haiku 99/100


my summer labours
could never be half so sweet —
industrious bees!

Haiku 98/100

travelling so long,

but one thing still out of reach…

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Haiku 97/100

calculating, computing —
Evidence of me?

Haiku 96/100

we smash our atoms
particles accelerate
but still… universe.

Haiku 95/100

I, the late bloomer
whose leaves have changed their colour
before bearing fruit

Haiku 94/100

swallowed by autumn,
the fire of fireflies
leaves darker sunsets