When I was in grade school, the other kids couldn’t wait to colour, paint, or go outside. I was happy to read, and was happiest when the teacher wanted us to write stories.

I kept that love of writing through high school, trying to make essays and assignments interesting for myself as much as for the teachers grading papers. In 1991, I graduated Sheridan College’s Media Writing program.

Though life took its twists and turns, taking me through various vocations including retail jobs, web site development, computer repair and broadcast closed captioning, my writing has always been with me. I was a founding writer and photographer at both What’s Up Toronto Magazine and The Spill Magazine. I spent some time writing for The Coast in Halifax, Nova Scotia, had a stint as a journalist at The Sudbury Star and The Cobourg Daily Star, spent a year covering city happenings for Torontoist, and published a wide variety of articles in many other magazines and newspapers along the way. I’ve also self-published two poetry collections, and have participated in National Novel Writing Month six times, making it to the 50,000-word goal four times.

Currently, I work as a freelance transcriptionist to pay the bills, using my way with words to create accurate, professional transcripts for various clients. After a long absence from the blogosphere, I am also hatching a couple of new blog projects. More to come on that.