The (A)DAR – Moist, Mercedes 5 and Dime

51X-eVF96vL._SX466_hate Moist. That’s what I said when I was handed this album back in 1999 and told to write a review. I couldn’t stand songs like “Push,” “Silver” and “Machine Punch Through” that I felt were awful, and made worse by the fact that local radio stations played the crap out of them day in and day out. I didn’t even want to hear Mercedes 5 and Dime, but nobody else wanted to write that review either. Resigning myself to the fact that the job had fallen to me, I figured I would at least get a chance to rant in print about how much I f***ing hated Moist.

Dang it anyway, but I didn’t even get the chance to do that.

At some point when I wasn’t looking, Most turned into a band that put out an amazing album. Mercedes 5 and Dime is still one of the go-tos in my collection. Right from the Hammond organ intro of the opening track “Underground” through “Breathe” (with guitar work that sounds suspiciously like Radiohead’s “Creep” in parts) and the sing-along anthem “Mandolin,” Mercedes 5 and Dime is groovy and melodic, showcasing a band that had reached some level of maturity while still managing to sound fresh even to this day. However much lead singer David Usher paid the vocal coach that elevated him from grunge whiner to rock crooner, it wasn’t enough.

And I so much wanted to hate it…