The (A)DAR – Prozzak’s Hot Show

MI0002405657Time to dive into one of my guiltiest guilty pleasures of all time. Hot Show is a dance-pop concept album documenting the journey of two cartoon characters (Simon, a vaguely Dudley Moore-esque Brit, and his could-be-Swedish-maybe blond bruiser buddy, Milo) as they embark on the search for true love.

One of the things that makes this album so much more appealing to me than most of the dance-pop of the ’90s (or just about any other era) is the fact that this album does not take itself too seriously. At all. These are cartoon characters exploring cartoony versions of love and longing. The narcissism and possessiveness that I find permeates the lyrics of many songs in this genre are mercifully absent from Hot Show. What’s left are catchy tunes that make me want to clap and hum along; the textbook fun album.