The (A)DAR – Leave No Bridge Unburned by Whitehorse

coverAnother piece of vinyl, this one from one of my favourite Canadian bands right now.

Whitehorse is comprised of husband-and-wife team Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland. They’ve each had storied careers on their own; together, they’re a genre-straddling musical duo weaving breathtaking vocal harmonies through poetic lyrical narratives and soaring melodies.

Leave No Bridge Unburned leans a little towards a heavier sound than some of their previous outings. The drums drive harder and the guitars scream louder. What hasn’t changed is Doucet’s and McClelland’s ability to make singing together sound as natural as breathing.

This is evident right from track one, “Baby, What’s Wrong,” a twangy, bluesy rock tune with vocals almost eerily in sync. That slightly mournful tone carries through Side A before turning slow and contemplative “Dear Irony.”

The drums kick up again when Side B starts with “Sweet Disaster.” Side B also holds one of the standout tracks on this album, “Fake Your Death (And I’ll Fake Mine),” a heartbreaking tune about two people unable to live with their mistakes, but unable to live without each other.

Leave No Bridge Unburned has been in heavy rotation on my turntable since I picked it up, and I don’t see me tiring of this one any time soon. Whitehorse toured across North America last year, garnering accolades along the way. What that tells me is I’ve missed my chance at seeing them play for cheap in a local bar, but seeing them live is still on my bucket list.