Back Once Again

2015-10-13-221447Once again, it has been almost a year since I touched my blog. I really need to develop a sustainable social media strategy.

Especially now that I’m firmly entrenched in freelance work and have an online brand to build. Back in August, I shed the shackles of the call centre to create a new business called Selective Stylus. The domain name has been registered, and once I get a website to attach to it, an announcement will be made.

My new business endeavour has taken me back into the world of video captioning. One of my clients has become the exclusive accessible media provider to a local university, and I’ve become their exclusive caption producer. I’ve got a blog entry or two to write about that experience. It’s a little different from the broadcast closed-captioning work I’m used to. It has been a crash course in using Telestream CaptionMaker after spending years working with Softel Swift to create captions. It’s also giving me the opportunity to create caption style and workflow guidelines for other captioners who will be coming on board as volume increases, so that’s exciting. It’s nice to stretch my brain again after a year of sticking to a call-centre script.

I’ve also got NaNoWriMo coming up — a prize I haven’t won since 2010 — and thoughts of starting another 100 Haiku in 100 Days project this winter. I missed this year’s Haiku Deathmatch, so building my arsenal and reclaiming my title in 2016 is a priority. Plus, there’s a sci-fi book blog idea that’s been on the back burner for years and may just be at the point of boiling over. There’s a domain name registered for that already, too.

So yeah, a lot has been happening, and there’s plenty that could be blogged/tweeted/facebookified/whatevered about. I’m sure I’m not the only freelancer out here in the big, wide world that needs to find that balance between doing the work that definitely brings in cash and the work that could maybe one day potentially lead to bringing in cash. If I come across any insights, I’ll be sure to share them.

For now, it’s back to the transcription project I’m already pushing a deadline on. Freelancing is nothing if not eclectic. On this current project, I’ve learned a lot more about hauling barges through the Mackenzie River watershed than I ever imagined I would.