The Last Haikus, and Urban Discord Revisited

UDCoverIt was back on June 6th of this year that I finally got off my ass and started a project that had been rattling around in my head for longer than I cared to admit: to write 100 haiku poems in 100 days. Now, as summer fades and long afternoons get shorter, I’m down to the final 10.

The last time I was this dedicated to writing haiku poems was 10 years ago, when writing three tiny lines whenever I could find an uninterrupted moment got me through the drudgery of a soul-sucking job. A collection of those poems manifested themselves as my second self-published book of poetry, Urban Discord.

To commemorate the completion of this project and the anniversary of that book, I’ve re-released Urban Discord on And as a thank-you for following this little creative journey of mine, I’ve made a PDF ebook available for free until September 30th. In a week or two, after a little tweaking, a trade-paperback version of Urban Discord will also be available. I will, of course, post an update when that happens. I haven’t settled on a price for the print version yet, but expect it to be around CDN$6.00-$8.00. After September 30th, I’ll be selling the Urban Discord PDF for CDN$3.00, so get your free ones while they last by clicking here.

Again, thanks to everyone who has read and enjoyed my haikus… and thanks also to everyone who hated them but didn’t bother flooding my comment feeds with insults. 😉


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