Haiku 88/100

looked at many times —
will you ever truly see
a love lost to years?


Haiku 87/100


memories of snow
and short winter afternoons
not so distant now

Haiku 86/100

Summer petals fall.
Alone, I mourn the garden
until… Butterflies!


Haiku 85/100

a flash of lightning
the only sign of power
in blacked-out cities

Haiku 84/100

2007-09-30 Cedarbrae 020_lzn

vibrant maple leaf —
if only I could know such
beauty as I fall!

Haiku 83/100

As cities grow fat

Citizens, like clotted blood

Stop the flow of life

Haiku 82/100

the seeds of a plan —

why, then, can I only grow

the weeds of chaos?